Types of Cremation

*** Private Cremation ***

When your family pet is brought directly to us at Precious Pet Cremation, we will first ensure that any special requests made prior to cremation taking place are carried out.  This is also when any special items would be placed with the pet, such as flowers, a letter or note, or a favourite toy. 

You may spend some private time with your pet to say your final farewell in our quiet room, if you wish. 

Your cherished companion will be treated with the same care, dignity and respect, that any person would expect to receive.  We absolutely guarantee that the cremains you receive back from our private cremation service will be that of your family pet, and only your family pet. 

We do not feel that words alone are enough to completely assure everyone of our integrity, considering that most pet owners have never personally met us.  For those who require their own, personal proof that they are receiving exactly, and only what they should, we also offer our witnessed cremation service, which is explained in detail below.

Depending on the arrangements that have been made, once the cremation has been completed we will return the urn selected by you, containing your pet’s cremated remains, (cremains) along with a certificate verifying that a Private cremation has taken place, and signed by our cremation chamber operator. 

As per your request, the urn containing your pet’s ashes will be returned to the Veterinary Clinic or Hospital as part of our service.
Quiet Quiet

*** Witnessed Cremation ***

For those who feel the need to be there during the cremation process, we offer the “Witnessed Cremation”.  With this type of service, you may be present for any or all parts of the cremation process. 

Due to the nature of a witnessed cremation, 24 hours notice is necessary in order to make arrangements for this type of service, as it must be done in the morning, before any other cremations have taken place. There is usually only one witnessed cremation per day since the cremation chamber must be cool to begin the process.

We have designed a special ‘quiet room’ specifically for this purpose and have installed a one-way mirror so that the viewing is absolutely private.

There is an extra charge for this personalized service, and we do require advanced notice if you wish to be present.

*** Communal Cremation ***

This type of cremation service is available for those who do not wish to have the ashes of their family pet returned, and for those who are simply seeking a less expensive aftercare alternative. 

During a Communal cremation several family pets are cremated together and since there is no reliable way to completely separate the pets or their remains, there is no return of ashes. 

Our Communal cremation service also includes the burial of all communal cremains here on our twenty acres of peaceful country property.

Although there is no return of ashes, we will supply a certificate of cremation with the family pet’s name and the date of cremation, signed by our cremation chamber operator, only if requested, at no extra charge.     

Please contact us to discuss any questions you may still have regarding our family pet aftercare options so that we may further assist you in the most effective manner. We have been doing this for a long time and would like to assure you that there is no need to be apprehensive about asking questions, as we have probably heard them all before.

It would be our privilege to offer you our extensive aftercare options to help you design exactly the type of service you feel will be a fitting tribute to your clients’ precious pets.


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Neil McIver

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