Precious Pet


Some Resources For Helping Pet Owners Deal With Their Loss:

Pet Loss Support Page

Pet Loss, Tracks In The Sand

Coping With The Loss Of A Friend, Your Pet

Coping With The Loss Of A Pet

Rainbow Bridge

Ontario Veterinary College Pet Loss Support Hot Line

Choice Mutual Coping With The Death Of A Pet

Dealing With Death, Grief, And Bereavement

Understanding Grief

Reading Material:

It's okay to cry..

By: maria l. Quintana

Pet loss. A spiritual guide.

By: eleanor l. Harris

Pet loss and human bereavement.

By: william j. Kay

Coping with the loss of a pet

By: christina m. Lemieux, ph.d.

The pet loss. New revised and expanded edition

By: wallace sife

Coping with sorrow on the loss of your pet.

By: moira k anderson

Pet loss. A thoughtful guide for adults and children.

By: herbert a. Nieburg

Goodbye friend. Healing wisdom for anyone who has lost a pet

By: gary kowalski

Pet loss and human emotion. Guiding clients through grief.

By: cheri barton ross

Surviving the heartbreak of choosing death for your pet.

By: linda mary peterson

Goodbye dear friend. Coming to terms with the death of a pet

By: virginia ironside

Loving and losing a pet: a psychologist and a veterinarian share their wisdom.

By: m. Stern

The final farewell. Preparing for and mourning the loss of your pet.

By: mart tousley and katherine heuerman

Preparing for the loss of your pet. Saying goodbye with love, dignity and peace of mind.

By: myrna m.milani, jerry dorsman

The heart that is loved never forgets. Recovering from loss, when humans and animals lose their companions.

By: kaetheryn walker

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